Monday, July 09, 2007


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Friday, December 24, 2004

minor updates


bz bz bz~ some updates wif ya here ^.^

- got my own sewing machine! Gonna start sewing Myoubi's costume~ *so happy*
- wana cosplay Chii & was hoppin to get the official ears/hair spools, emailed Cospa but they wun sell it overseas (think they encountered copyright issues recently cos they used to sell overseas 1 yr back) so disappointed... bt my fren in jp managed to order it for me! *yeah* (will start on Chii's costume after Myoubi's)
- had a fun fotoshoot with 2 pals @ botanica garden *soon soon! i'm clearin the cam!* (it was so dark in the evening that the cam screen showed total blackness... so SHOOT-AT-WILL!)
- my bro got retrenched bt found a new job within his clear-leave period! he now in China on business trip. hope he be back for xmas thou :(
- my xcolleague intro me to a freelance contact, who in turn got me to interview @ her co., and i got the job offer! they met my pay expectation & even willin to let me serve my 1-mth notice *so touched*
- juz lost another .5kg w/o exercising *guilty bt nvrtheless happy XD* (been so busy & tired... slept at 12+ almost everyday)

p.s. Jojo if u see this, email me ur hp#? i tink i can sms u oh. KDLang here in concert in feb, u comin?

p.s.s. my fren in jap is selling brand-new PSP value pack (definitely cheaper then the price 999 here), be shippg fr JP so lemme knw if any of u interested!

Monday, November 22, 2004

no man is an island?

is that really true?

these couple of mths, i've been so bz. so bz. interaction wif ppl takes efforts, lets all face it. so i spared myself of all these these couple of mths. bt i nvr felt a single moment dat i'm lonely.

in fact, i'm pretty happy. in my own little world. doin my own little things. except eh huh, for the part dat i'm stil broke as ever & office work is getg nvr-ending til next yr Jan.

feel guilty thou, to u guyz dat i din keep up wif ur lives. bt perhaps, take it as a time u can dispense of me for a while too? *lol*

honestly. i'm of low maintenance. keke. do u need high maintenance?

tired. so tired. someone pls gimmi a long break. a sponsored one XD

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


it's a time when I'm currently reading thru the blogs of my dear frenz but i din leave a single msg. Cos i'm stil sorting out tings along the timeline in my head. Nevertheless...

there are times like this when I feel so detached from their lives. when so many tings have happened to them and i wasnt there. but at the same time, it's like flippin back a foto album, drawing up a timeline, and marking down little quotes in my brain who did what @ when...

it's a weird feeling. I wonder u ever feel the same?

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

B4 i am forgotten...

eversince bac fr Indonesia, have been weighed down by work and forever sick. insomia due to stress, & nw lookin plain like zombie.

anyway, went to watch Sky Captain and Resident Evil 2. I like the dreamy movie of Sky Captain. RE2 is like an action movie... abit different fr the 1st which is very zombie movie.

well for those who have been wondering. No. I'm not in any r/s and i'm still single. yes, busily single (nvr-ending to-do list...). lol. however, if u r either a christian or free-thinker, at most 2 yrs older den me, and eh huh~ loaded with $$, pls feel free to apply.

too bz & sick to go gym but stil using my faithful dumbbells & doin crunches @ home. ya, played a bit of Sims2 since Kit installed on my PC ald. sorries, slower to keep up wif u guys' blogs as i'm pretty much dyin to get away fr PC these few wks.

watching some anime which my bro d/led. HoiHoi-san, School Rumble, Bleach, Moon Phase, and some others on the list *lol*

getg in preparation for EOY cosplay costumes. bz bz. attendin nailcare workshop next wkend. bz bz. attending trial taekwando-based kickboxin class soon. bz bz.

meanwhile for those whom yet to see my indonesia pix, go

Friday, October 15, 2004

BOND (to be continued...)

YES i attended Bond's concert last night. Will talk more about it later at night... now have to get passed the day of piled up work again... everyone in office is hunting me down *sobs*

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Thursday, September 23, 2004

last entry bf *poof* hahahah

k i've no time to catch up wif sme of u guyz' blogs b4 i'm offline. sorries. will catch up when i'm bac. since i'll b totally uncontactable once i leave my hse tmr 1+pm to the port.

anyway. this morn (22 sept) i took urgent leave fr work, prepared a last-min portfolio at 9.50am, took a cab at 10.35am & reached MITA for Takashimya-NAC scholarship interview (supposedly 11am) at 10.50am. see Alv again (he seems to be everywhere!). the interview was casual & informal despite i have to sell myself in front of a 9-judge panel, sweet-answer to their quite-standard questions & i haven't sount patriotic enough. anyway, it was over in about 20mins and oh well~ see if there's any news for the next mth.

so i went lunch with Alv @ cityhall, called out JunM to join us as he was workin nearby. and gdness! he's gettin bigger in size with every time i see him! lol. oh. so LiQ is now workin @ Discovery. interesting.

back to office in the aftern & thx to Hish who had kindly delayed a dateline, i managed to off work b4 7pm & pop by Nereid's workplace, where i literally hang ard til she off work. din manage to mit Oscar earlier for mooncake as she's oso in a rush for next apptm. i basically rotted there... yes i desperately nid a place to rot. been rushin work for past 2 wks & my brain cells have pretty much gone dead. if u get wat i mean. talked to the uncle who's on duty wif her... ohman, he's good. he can speak basic conversational French & German, in addition to his english, mandarin & cantonese. he's one amazing ojisan.

back home & mum was frantically screamin here & there as she tries to finish packing... aiz... wats the fuss abt ah...headache. tink more or less fin now... then tmr morn go gym, mit May to take my cam, come bac hm then leave for the port... tmr another rushed day...sigh


ok i'm gone. til next wed. dun miz me too much *lol*